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Pushing Away Our Cultural Guardians

Throughout most of human history the Elders have been a valuable part of our communities. In one South American tribe, the term “Elder” can be translated to “Cultural Guardians”.

Sadly, the current idolization of youth has pushed the value of our older generation aside for those who will impulsively spend money on products or experiences to retain the image and feeling of being young forever.

Rather than honoring our Elders, they are now designated as “the elderly” and pushed to the fringes of society. Too often the older generation is treated more like a burden rather than being esteemed participants of our communities.

Our Western culture has strayed from valuing the stories of their lives, their wisdom, and point of view in exchange for something new, exciting, and often fleeting.

For those that wish to change this element of the culture, it begins in the home where roots are formed.

In most tribal and traditional cultures it is the role of our Elders to counsel and provide guidance for the young.

In America we have a very independent and rebellious spirit. That is not a bad thing, but the pendulum has likely swung too far. Our communities create us and give people strength to step out into their own independence.

When we connect to people, we do so through stories. This is as ancient of a truth as is the human race.

Rather than imposing a demand for children to honor our Elders, the connection can be created through hearing their story.

A Family Legacy Film takes these stories and makes it real in a way that opens up honor, respect, and appreciation that was never realized before.

- Jesse Dvorak,

Creator of Family Legacy Films

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