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People Keep Telling Me This BIG Regret

I was flying back to Nebraska from L.A. and struck up a conversation with the older man next to me. He was wearing a military hat so I asked him about his service. He shared some of his story and how it led him to becoming a Sheriff in Ventura for 20 years (that itself is a story that is too long to go into right now). I told him about what I do with Family Legacy Films and he began to look wistful. He tells me he wishes he would have met me 2 years ago before his mom passed away. Just this very morning I shared with a group about these Legacy films, and a woman wells up with tears. She tells me she wishes she would have done that 10 years ago, but now her mom is gone and that moment is lost. This response happens regularly. It is the biggest regret people share with me. A Family Legacy Film is a solution to this regret. Rather than asking a parent to write a memoir of their life, I can meet with them for 2-3 hours and I take on the rest of the work from there. No need to write into a journal day after day. And let’s face it, how many of your children would rather read a book over watching a short film which brings the story to life? A big mistake we too often make is thinking there is more time. But the time to capture the story and legacy of our parents or grandparents is now, and avoid that heartfelt regret.

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